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What is the “150 Program”?

SHAPE Montana would like to convince the Montana Board of Education that it is a great idea to mandate 150 minutes of Physical Education per week in our elementary schools.  The 150 Program is an attempt to gather enough data to help convince the BOE to do so.

The 150 Program works with pilot schools who can choose to use the program throughout the entire school or choose certain grade levels to participate.  The program gives students 150 minutes of Physical Education per week.  Classroom teachers are involved in the process as well as the Health & Physical Education teacher who must be a certified HPE specialist.

Schools receive a stipend for participating in the 150 Program.  This stipend is to be used for equipment, training, and sending participating teachers to the annual SHAPE Montana Conference.  

Schools are required to report end of the year data including, but not limited to:  academic achievement, behavior issues, successes and challenges and suggestions for future programming.


150 SUCCESS STORY -  Frenchtown Elementary, Frenchtown, Montana

Principal Aaron Griffin of Frenchtown Elementary is enthusiastic about having the 150 Program in his school during the 2016-17 school year.  Originally used with the entire 2nd Grade, Griffin and his staff added the program to the 5th Grade classes for the 4th Quarter of the year.  

End of the year data is in the process of being collected at this time, but Principal Griffin has seen noticeable behavior changes in his 2nd Graders compared to their more “challenging” first grade year. These changes have been for the positive and Griffin couldn't be more convinced of the worthiness of the program.  SHAPE Montana thanks Principal Griffin and his staff for enthusiastically embracing the 150 Program and committing to it for another year.

We are looking to add more pilot schools for the 2017-18 school year.  If you think your school would be interested or you know of a school that would benefit from the 150 program, please contact us and let us know.  The people to contact are:

Reg Hageman:

Nancy Stock: